25 Jan 2022

Damen enlarges DOP pump dealer network

Damen has extended its DOP dredge pump dealer network

Rick van de Weg

DESMMA appointed exclusive agent in France

Damen has extended its DOP dredge pump dealer network by appointing DESMMA as the exclusive dealer for France.

DESMMA has more than three decades of experience in the construction and mining industry. The DOP dredge pump is a valuable addition to its portfolio of high-end construction equipment.

The DOP dredge pump is a practical, wear-resistant slurry pump deployed for an array of construction and mining jobs, such as levelling building pits and bulk mining. Harrold van Vliet, Sales representative at Damen Shipyards, explains: “The DOP pump is used as a practical dredging tool attached to excavators or cranes and even to complete dredgers. For Damen, it is vital that we can serve our customers close to home but also in their own language and at their project sites, wherever they are in the world.”

Tunneling project using a DOP200 submersible dredge pump

Service all over France

Jean-Francois Trousselet, owner of DESMMA, emphasises: “We know the special requirements of our customers’ jobs, as well as the industries’ constraints. We work closely together with our customers offering high quality products and services. We are only a phone call away for information and assistance before, during and after a project  – the Damen DOP pump will be a welcome addition to our portfolio.” DESMMA services construction equipment, including the DOP pumps, all over France.

Mr van Vliet adds: “Damen Shipyards is very pleased that the DOP dredge pump dealer network has been extended to France by this highly professional, experienced agent. We very much look forward to working with DESMMA and we are delighted to be able to offer our customers in France this extra level of service.”

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Excavator mounted DOP250 for marina maintenance