3 Feb 2023

Damen, Ampelmann and Compagnie Maritime Monegasque announce two-year offshore support contract in Brazil

Two-year offshore support contract for Damen Fast Crew Supplier (FCS) 7011 Aqua Helix has been signed

Rick van de Weg

OceanXpress, a joint venture between Damen Shipyards Group and Ampelmann, recently announced a two-year offshore support contract in cooperation with Compagnie Maritime Monégasque (CMM) to Petrobras off the coast of Brazil.

The Damen Fast Crew Supplier (FCS) 7011 Aqua Helix, equipped with an Ampelmann S-type system, will transport personnel to and from offshore platforms in support of an Oil & Gas (O&G) project. The vessel arrived in Brazil on January 26th, where she was welcomed with a ceremony at Pier Mauá in Rio de Janeiro.

Robin Segaar, Sales Manager at Damen said, “During the design phase of the FCS 7011, we considered the Brazilian market a strong fit due to its geography and concentration of offshore assets. We’revery pleased, therefore, to have this opportunity to demonstrate the potential of the vessel in this prime location of offshore activity.”

The installed Ampelmann S-type gangway is key in this solution, allowing for the safe and continuous flow of offshore personnel to and from the offshore platforms, even in rough sea states. This energy-efficient system, designed specifically for the FCS 7011, compensates for the motions of the vessel in all six degrees of freedom, making offshore access as easy as crossing the street.

Furthermore, the FCS 7011 Aqua Helix features a VEEM Gyrostabilizer which reduces roll motions up to 70%, working in combination with the vessel’s retractable bow thrusters, ensures outstanding DP2 performance.

OceanXpress, the joint venture managing the Aqua Helix, is excited to enter the Brazilian market in collaboration with CMM. The companies are jointly committed in providing safe, reliable, and sustainable offshore logistics solutions to the market.

CMM is a market leader in Fast Offshore Support vessels and operates a fleet of Damen Sea Axe fast oil spill response vessels in Brazil. This has given the company confidence in the suitability of the FCS 7011 vessel’s Sea Axe bow for operations in the region. Christophe Vancauwenbergh, CEO at CMM said, “We are very pleased with the Sea Axe’s performance in Brazilian waters. It has proven to reduce slamming and fuel consumption significantly at high speeds, while increasing safety and comfort onboard.”

The combination of the vessel and gangway system thus offers with this viable and safe solution, an alternative to the existing transfer methods in the offshore industry. The vessel can sail at speeds of up to 40 knots and transport up to 122 passengers at a time over greater distances, while the S-type adds to the safety and cost-efficiency of its operations.

Maichel van Nauta Lemke, Business Developer at Ampelmann, said: “This contract is proof of the value that OceanXpress can bring to the crew change market in Brazil. We thank CMM and Petrobras for their trust in our joint efforts with Damen and our commitment to making offshore access safer and more efficient.”

The Aqua Helix including its transfer system are anticipated to commence work in the coming weeks.