DOP versatility

Just pump it up

Sand, gravel, silt, mud, slurry, slime – the DOP submersible dredge pump can handle it all. A versatile, high efficiency, wear resistant tool, the DOP is perfect for working in challenging environments. Available with both hydraulic and zero emission electrical drive, its ready for every challenge.

Barge Unloading

Material transportation

Transport of mined material such as construction sand can be performed efficiently using river transport, i.e. barges. Loading and unloading sand barges can be done practically using the DOP submersible dredge pump.

Pump it up

Dredging pits for building

Building pits for tube tunnels or underground car parks can be excavated using a submersible sand pump. Usually such construction works entails small scale dredging in confined spaces. The DOP submersible dredge pump has been designed for the job: its limited size makes it fit for the restricted areas of civil constructions, and its handling allows for precision dredging.
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