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A unique service within the maritime industry

Buy a new Damen vessel and trade-in your redundant fleet

In combination with the purchase of a new Damen vessel, we give you the opportunity to trade-in your redundant vessel. We will market your vessel during the building time and in case no sale is concluded during this period, we will take over the vessel. If you wish to learn more about this service, contact our team and learn about the various possibilities.

Selection of successful trade-ins

Track record

Former Dutch Navy Tugs

The Dutch Navy ordered three HYBRID Damen ASD’s 2810 and as part of the deal, we traded in four so-called “Linge Class” tugboats. Despite their age (30+), we managed to sell these magnificent tugs to Denmark, Spain, Canada and Nigeria. All tugboats are sailing to buyers’ full satisfaction.

DAMEN Stan Tug 2909

After a trade-in June 2017 against a new Damen ASD 2610 ICE, this tugboat “Pak” was brought from Russia to our yard in Den Helder, the Netherlands. She was successfully sold early August 2018 to a Russian client.

Catamaran Ferry

Two new 55 meter Damen roro ferries were delivered to a client, after trading-in their ferry “Le Cabestan” with Damen Trading. This 20 years old Fjellstrand Flying Cat 40 was then sold on to a new Damen customer.

DAMEN Stan Tug 2208

We traded in two relatively young Damen Stan Tugs 2208 from a Russian harbour, for two ASD Tugs 2810. The intake of vessels at this particular harbour had changed, resulting in the need for more powerful and manoevrable tugs.

DAMEN Multi Cat 1908

Two Damen Multicats 1908 were traded in for two new Damen Shoalbusters, which are more multipurpose and a fleet upgrade for our Middle-East client. Both Multicats were sold within 6 months to Australia.

Patrol vessel

Our unique trade-in service was decisive for this special deal. It enabled Damen Shipyards to sell four new Damen Stan Patrols 4207 to the UK Customs & Excise. The traded vessels were modified to our customer’s needs and sailed to Nigeria where they operate as security patrol vessels.

DAMEN Stan Tug 1205

Our respected client, Svitzer, bought two ASD Tugs 3212 and traded in their three year old, smaller Damen Stan Tugs 1205 (two sister vessels). Both of these tugs were transported to our yard in the Netherlands, for marketing and sale. After refurbishment they were delivered to a Dutch customer who transported them to South America.

DAMEN Stan Tug 2208

This tug was traded in by a UK owner for two new Damen Stan Pontoon 9127. Following marketing, the vessel was sold to Svitzer and sailed to the Middle East for operations.

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