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Years of experience and expertise will guarantee a professional valuation for both sales and market value.

Do you wish us to evaluate your vessel or do you require a market value? We can provide you with an elaborate survey report on both condition and commercial sales value. Our technical knowledge and years of commercial experience in the brokerage business enable us to guide you towards a realistic market value. The valuation survey will be carried out on-board, during which time we will gather all necessary information and provide you with an in-depth report, including a full set of pictures to visualise our findings.

Interested? Send us basic details and pictures of the vessel you want to valuate, in order for us to determine whether we can be of assistance.

track record

Selection of surveys carried out

Hopper dredger

This hopper dredger was inspected for valuation purposes. The owner had to determine whether to sell, modify or upgrade the vessel or to put her up for demolition. In the end she was scrapped.

DAMEN Stan Patrol 1850

Inspection of this Damen Stan Patrol 1850 was carried out for a possible trade-in on a new Damen Stan Patrol 2205.

DAMEN Stan Tug 2207

Following inspection, this Moroccan-owned Damen Stan Tug 2207 was marketed on our website. Thereafter, she was successfully sold to UK owners, who modified her to meet their requirements. She presently sails in UK waters in the Southampton coastal area.

DAMEN Stan Tug 1605

The owner of a DAMEN Stan Tug 1605, to whom we sold the vessel 14 years previously, approached us for an evaluation. This was carried out by our senior Sales Manager who inspected the vessel on-site.

Patrol Boat

UK Customs and Excise requested a complete condition survey and market valuation for a patrol boat, in order to determine whether or not its purchase would be commercially viable. Our senior Sales Manager executed the survey and, in consultation with the UK Customs and Excise personnel, advocated going ahead with the purchase.

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