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Harbour & Voyage shiprepair

Harbour & Voyage ship repair

24/7 on-site and on-voyage shiprepairs

Our Harbour & Voyage service brings the maintenance and repair crew to your ship, wherever you may be. If the works do not require shipyard facilities and are urgent, or the vessel is just too remote from a convenient shipyard, or it has a schedule that cannot be disrupted, H&V is the service that delivers results and this is with minimal or even zero downtime.

Swift to arrive on-site and available 24/7, a Damen H&V crew can tackle a wide range of jobs from fixing a leaky valve to over-the-side steelworks, or simply installing new equipment. Work can continue while the ship is at anchor, alongside the quay loading or unloading, and even underway.

Typical projects can vary from repairs resulting from minor collisions or stevedoring damage to windows and navigation masts, repairs and upgrades to machinery and hydraulics, and works to anchors and chains. Bow thrusters can be removed or installed while a vessel is at anchor. Down below repairs to cargo holds, piping, cell guides and even shaft generator bearings can take place while the vessel is at rest or going about its business. When time is tight and your vessel needs immediate attention, a phone call is all it takes: +31 6 300 085 82.

What we offer

  • Quick response time

    We are fully equipped to perform any kind of repair work and have the capability to deploy an experienced team, anywhere you might need it, guaranteeing the best possible service and highest quality repairs.

  • 24/7 on-site and on-voyage shiprepairs

    From steelworks to electrical and automation repairs and from piping works to machining works. Our service offering also includes the repair, supply and installation of glass reinforced epoxy systems (NOV FGS Bondstrand).

  • Minimal downtime

    Our work is fast, cost-effective and meets all regulatory requirements.

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Bert Pleysier
Technical Director of Universal Marine
Customer review

“They are flexible, practical and fast. They also have ready access to a large variety of well-equipped subcontractors.”

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