Chinese dredgers

Chinese dredgers overhauled in Curaçao

January 2023
Ship name
Xin Hai Hu 9, Hang Jun 6009
Ship type
Damen Shiprepair Curacao
Tasks performed for this project

Solution-oriented commitment to customer loyalty

Two self-propelled dredgers from China working on long-term contracts in the Caribbean Sea have been docked and overhauled of the dredging equipment in the dry dock of Damen Shiprepair Curaçao. The Chinese technical manager is considering a long-term maintenance contract with the yard.

The Xin Hai Hu 9 arrived at the yard on January 22, followed by the Hang Jun 6009 three days later on the 25th. Both ships docked on January 25. Both vessels are Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers. The Hang Jun 6009 is 108 meters long and 24 meters wide with a capacity of 10,468 tons of sediment. This ship was built in 2019 and visited the yard briefly for a limited docking. After five days, this ship left the dock on January 30. “The propeller seal has been renewed,” reports Commercial Manager Damen Shiprepair Curaçao Arnold Bregman.

Dredging installation

The Xin Hai Hu 9, is 130.3 meters long and 25.6 meters wide, with capacity to carry 13,725 tons of sediment, was built in 2012. This vessel has undergone a much more extensive conversion at the shipyard in Curaçao. The work included regular dock work such as removing the rudders and overhauling the steering gear, pulling the propeller shaft and overhauling the propulsion system. Both bow thrusters have been overhauled. The onboard valves have been overhauled. The emphasis of this docking of the Xin Hai Hu 9 was on the overhaul of the working installation. The dredge pipes, the pipes of the dredging installation have been replaced, the valve of the dredging installation has been overhauled. The dredging pumps have been 'overhauled': dismantled, cleaned, worn parts replaced and reassembled and put into operation.

Additional taps

“The yard did not have the right cranes along the quay for such extensive work,” says Arnold. We had to put a 200 ton crane on the quay, which put a 60 ton crane in could place the dock with which we could pull the propeller shaft. That took extra time.” Finally, the Xin Hai Hu 9 departed on February 28, after a period of 34 in dock to dawn. A special survey was conducted before the ship left the dock. The ship is equipped with new pipework and a fresh class label.

Maintenance contract

The Chinese client, CHEC Dredging Co, operates four dredgers in the Caribbean Sea. They are looking for a reliable shipyard to cooperate with for a longer period of time to enter. “Despite problems with staff and the extra time we needed for installing the right crane, the cooperation with the customer was very cooperative.” reports Arnold. “They understood the problems and thought along with us about it finding solutions. We were able to enlist Columbia steelworkers for this projects. Although the work took longer than could have been anticipated, the condition is the customer is open to a frame agreement.”


CHEC is a subsidiary of CCCC Shanghai Dredging Co, which has a fleet of 16 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers has, 2 Grab Dredgers - that pick up sediment with a 'grabber' to pull a cable from the bottom, and 13 Cutter Suction Dredgers. In addition, CCCC7 more towing accommodation and transport vessels in the fleet.

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