Eidsvaag Opal

Damen converts PSV into fish feed supply vessel 'Eidsvaag Opal'

November 2020
Ship name
Eidsvaag Opal
Ship type
General Cargo
Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam
Tasks performed for this project

Damen Shiprepair & Conversion (DSC) carried out a conversion project for the Norwegian company Eidsvaag. Following award of tender, the project required Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam (DSAm) to convert a former – Damen-built – Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) into fish feed carrier Eidsvaag Opal.

The project involved a series of major works, such as the lengthening of the vessel by 5 metres. For this, the yard cut the hull in two and inserted new steel sections.

There was a considerable amount of steel work involved in the project – totaling 875 tonnes – much of which was performed by Niron Staal, in close proximity to DSAm.

Damen also widened the vessel, adding a series of side boxes which had the effect of giving extra stability and cargo space.

Installation of 35 new silos and a big bag hold gave the Eidsvaag Opal the capacity to carry up to 2,800 tonnes of fish food.

To discharge this, DSAm installed five cranes and a discharge system featuring conveyors, buckets, elevators and a discharge arm.

Work was given an extra layer of complexity by the coronavirus pandemic. This necessitated the yard taking robust safety measure to ensure the well-being of all involved in the project. Careful coordination ensured, however, that work was able to continue.

Following completion, Eidsvaag Opal is operating in the Fjorfrende collaboration. Within this, Eidsvaag is distributing feed to Skretting and Cargill. The partnership is receiving European Commission funding in a bid to increase the sustainability of the aquaculture industry. By vessel sharing for feed distribution the two companies reduce their CO2 emissions by 10-20 million kg per year.

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