Deep Discoverer

OSV Deep Discoverer (TechnipFMC) at Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam

December 2023
Ship name
Deep Discoverer
Ship type
Offshore Support Vessel
Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam
Tasks performed for this project

For 46 days across last November and December, Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam (DSAm) hosted TechnipFMC’s 121-metre, Deep Discoverer DP3 diving and light construction vessel for a scheduled maintenance programme. The main focus was on an overhaul of its six thrusters for its Class 3 DP System together with a number of steel jobs. Overall, the vessel spent 31 days in drydock and another 15 days alongside the yard’s berth no. 1.

The thrusters underwent a complete overhaul with the yard assisting TechnipFMC’s OEM with the removal and refitting of the rope guards, disconnecting each unit, lifting them out of the dock and delivering them to the workshop. There, they had a complete unit overhaul including polishing the propellers before returning them to the dry dock for reinstallation.

The various steel works included the fabrication in DSAm’s construction hall and installation of a ROV mezzanine deck platform and its access ladders. A new access platform together with ladders for the Deep Discoverer’s 250-tonne crane boom rest was also built and installed. In the vessel’s diving facility, the clump weights for the diving bells underwent full maintenance including the fitting of new bronze guiding rollers and bushings that were fabricated in the machine shop at DSAm’s sister company, Niron Staal Amsterdam. Additional tasks included a repaint of the hull and a new coating programme for the topsides and lifeboats.

TechnipFMC and Damen Shiprepair have a longstanding relationship with the technology provider taking advantage of the experience and capabilities of DSAm and other Damen repair yards in recent years. High safety levels, high quality outcomes and well-structured project management are among the attributes that TechnipFMC values in its maintenance and repair partners.

Charlie Collet, Project Manager at TechnipFMC, commented: “We would like to thank you and your entire team for your hard work and continuous support. We had constructive and open discussions throughout the project, which was managed efficiently and successfully. My team and the Deep Discoverer crew feel that the project went really well. We also had a good QHSE debriefing session shortly afterwards to focus on continued improvement.”

Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam

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