MV Odda Marie

Maintenance and sustainable upgrade for MV Odda Marie

January 2024
Ship name
MV Odda Marie
Ship type
General Cargo
Damen Shiprepair Harlingen
Tasks performed for this project

The MV Odda Marie was recently docked at Damen Shiprepair Harlingen for scheduled maintenance and a lifetime extension. During the time in Harlingen, the yard carried out repainting of the vessel and undertook maintenance to propeller shaft, rudder and rudder stock and overhauled the gearbox.

One of the most notable aspects of the project was the installation of equipment to futureproof the vessel, ensuring her of the sustainable credentials to meet current and forthcoming regulatory requirements.

Rederi, ab Nathalie (RABN), the owner of the MV Odda Marie, has invested substantially in boosting the vessel’s efficiency, incorporating Econowind VentoFoil V3 ventifoil sails as well as a shore power connection.

While the shore power connection reduces emissions by allowing the vessel to connect to an electrical supply in harbour, the VentoFoil is a rapidly installed solution to cut fuel consumption.

The VentoFoil is a wing shaped element that draws on modern innovations in aerodynamics to create high propulsion forces relative to its size.

Klaas Kuper at Damen Shiprepair & Conversion said, “We were very pleased to be asked to undertake this work to the MV Odda Marie. It is our ambition to become the most sustainable maritime solutions provider. Therefore, contributing to a project that helps to accelerate the maritime energy transition is very aligned with our goals. RABN deserves full recognition for the steps that it has taken to increase the efficiency of the vessel in this way. Not only does this help reduce emissions during operations, it also enables the MV Odda Marie to continue to operate for the long-term, contributing even further to maritime sustainability.”

Antti Partanen, CEO of RABN said, “The decision to invest in wind-assisted propulsion with Econowind's VentoFoils is logical and fully in-line with our 'outside the box' mindset. We see great potential in wind propulsion in certain traffic areas. The North Sea is one of most optimal areas where our Odda Marie is trading.”

Frank Nieuwenhuis, CEO of Econowind, said, “The decision to invest in this endeavour demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and innovation within the maritime industry. The installation of our VentoFoils wind-assisted propulsion system, which has been done within 8 months from order to delivery, will not only improve the vessel’s carbon footprint (EEXI) but also contribute to more efficient and environmentally friendly operation in emissions per nautical mile (CII).

Damen Shiprepair Harlingen

Damen Shiprepair Harlingen is located in the northern part of the Netherlands, in the city of Harlingen. It is easily accessible through the Wadden Sea without any obstructions such as locks, bridges or tidal restrictions, up to a guaranteed draft of 7.5 meters.
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