Workhorses of the harbour

Composite pilot boat

Our composite Stan Pilots are proven workboats for harbour operations. They are as strong as their steel and aluminium alternatives, yet faster and with reduced emissions.

Continual investment, continual development

Damen’s in-depth R&D and continual investment in composite shipbuilding has led to our development of quality Stan Pilots as strong as aluminium and steel alternatives. Our experience and serial production of composite vessels equals competitive pricing.

Getting the low down

The use of composite materials results in vessels lower in weight. This leads to lower fuel consumption and lower emissions. Composite vessels also require lower maintenance, equalling lower total cost of ownership.

Natural emissions reduction

The low weight of a composite Stan Pilot leads to significantly reduced fuel consumption. The result of this is a significant reduction in emissions and a contribution to a cleaner maritime world.

Fast response

Due to our production in series and for stock, we are able to deliver our composite vessels in the shortest possible timeframe. That’s not the only things that’s fast; due to the lightweight nature of the vessels, they are faster than metal alternatives – even when using the same propulsion.

Quick fix

Composite vessels are extremely durable. Our Stan Pilots are corrosion resistant in the most aggressive salt water environments. Repair and maintenance are thus keep to an absolute minimum. When repair is required, it is quickly and simply executed with low cost materials.

Lifecycle support

Should repair work be necessary, Damen is able to provide support in the form of training or repair kits. With the kits, work can be carried out locally at low cost.


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