Turnkey with three high performance grabs

Transhipment Crane Barge 6324 Mk2 HARVEST DANUBE

Transhipment Areas

Optimised for handling 35 tonne SWL up to 20 nautical miles in open sea conditions or 45 tonne SWL in sheltered or inland waters and harbors.

Proven Technology

The CBG 350 is designed as a ship crane and, therefore, the right choice for many operations. A reliable operation is ensured by using high quality European products. A dedicated heavy duty, high performance four-rope crane ensures high-speed, continuous operation, even in challenging conditions. Its high stability leads to an increased turnover of more than 1,000 tonnes per hour. Safety and efficiency are enhanced by a colour monitor connected to a camera on the boom tip and the extended cabin ensures maximum crane visibility.


Cost efficient solution for transhipment of dry bulk, containers and break-bulk cargos. Utilise the barge as an all-rounder or as a dedicated piece of equipment for an optimised operation. The Transhipment Barge can be equipped with a grab, hook or spreader for container handling, has excellent mooring capabilities and comes with the fittings for a propulsion system pre-installed should customers want to upgrade at a later date. The vessel has 24-hour accommodation for up to twelve people including a pantry, mess and office. Additionally, there is a large storage space below deck and a wooden deck, which includes container fittings.

Large deck area

The vessel features a large, 550m², unobstructed wooden deck with a 10 t/m² deck strength for storing cargo and containers. The deck is fitted with integrated container fittings and a fully-equipped workshop large enough to fit a bobcat.


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