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A long history in dredge building

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Damen Dredging once started modestly. It was established in the late 1930s as De Groot Nijkerk, and started working as a dredging contractor in the construction of the IJsselmeer polders. Gradually the focus shifted from contracting jobs to repairs of dredgers, both the company’s own dredgers and those from fellow contractors. The next logical step was new building. Many dredgers have been built since.

Based in the making of the Dutch polders

A long history in dredging

De Groot Nijkerk was acquired by the Damen Shipyards Group in 1988. It was a perfect match and both companies combined their specific knowledge of the dredging market. For years De Groot Nijkerk continued to market its stationary dredgers and trailing suction pipe systems under its own name. Eventually, in 2004, further integration within the group resulted in operations under the name Damen Dredging Equipment.

Dredging knowledge cluster

The full dredging package

Damen Dredging Equipment provides, as it has done for the past 80 years, high-end innovative solutions to the challenges dredging contractors face. Modularly built dredgers and the variety of dredging components available all withstand the tough conditions faced by the dredging industry.

Built for the future

Scores of dredgers have left our yard over the years. The smaller stationary dredgers were designed to clean ponds, lakes and irrigation channels. Mid-size dredgers haven been used to clean harbours, ports and navigation channels. Larger dredgers haven been used in mining pits and capital dredging projects creating new harbour quays, fairways etc. All dredgers are designed by our in-house dredging specialists.

Best possible solution

The Damen Dredging yard continuous to be the focus point of dredging products within the Damen Group. This ensures that each newly designed dredger is practical, efficient and that it incorporates the latest developments. Through smart customisation the best possible solution is proposed to the dredging contractor – engaging over 80 years of history and knowledge as a firm base.


Our success stories

Trailing Pipe System 500 for "JOSE DUARTE"

A 500 mm trailing pipe, customised to work between -20 m and -40 m dredging depth, has been delivered to a Portuguese yard for a Portuguese contractor.

Trailing Pipe System 500 for "KADOSH"

A standard Damen TSHD1000 has been delivered fitted out with a 500 mm trailing pipe for dredging at max -20 m. The delivery included a medium pressure heavy duty dredge pump for both hopper loading and bow discharge.

Trailing Pipe System 600 for "Yuri Maslyukov"

A complete dredging package including trailing pipe and dredge pump has been shipped as DTC design package for a hopper dredge built at the Russian ONEGA Shipyard.

Trailing Pipe System 400 for "Tommy Norton"

A standard Damen TSHD650 has been delivered fitted out with a 400 mm trailing pipe for dredging at max -15 m. The delivery included a medium pressure heavy duty dredge pump for both hopper loading and bow discharge.

Trailing Pipe System 700 for "Barito Equator"

A 2.500 m3 hopper dredger has been built locally in Indonesia, and was fitted out with a complete Damen dredging package including trailing pipe and dredge pump.

Trailing Pipe System 800 for "Anita Conti"

The dredging system for the ‘Anita Conti’ includes an 800 mm starboard-side trailing pipe plus gantries, winches and swell compensator, all designed for a dredging depth of up to 22 metres.

DOP200 with sand mining head (2 sets)

Two sets op DOP dredge pumps have been delivered to HALEX Construction in Singapore. The sand mining pumps will be used to disperse previously mined sand over the relatively unstable clay bottom of a newly created polder in Singapore.

DOP250 with cutter head

A DOP dredge pump, type DOP250, including cutter head and dredging instrumentation has been delivered to Australian contractor Polaris Marine Pty through the Damen Service hub in Brisbane.

DOP150 with sand mining head

A DOP150 has been delivered with spares and auxiliaries to Dredging Africa, to assist a mining operation. As the dredge pump was on stock, the dredge package has been delivered within a week.

DOP200 with power pack

A DOP dredge pump and matching power pack have been delivered to the Swedish contractor Peab AB. The dredge package delivered included mixture discharge hoses, hydraulic hoses for the dredge pump drive, as well as a set of spares.

DOP150 with cutter head

A DOP150 has been delivered with standard sand mining head, plus a cutter head and top plate for mounting on an excavator’s boom. The submersible sand pump will work in Asia.

DOP250 with cutter unit

A complete DOP dredge package has been delivered, including a diesel-hydraulic power pack for driving the DOP dredge pump and its cutter unit, plus a jet pack supplying the sand mining head with pressurised water.

DOP250 with sand mining head

A DOP250 dredge pump has been delivered to Angola. It will work, attached to a wire crane, together with another DOP on a local harbour project. The DOP will remove silt to medium fine sand recently deposited along the various quays.

Dredgers in stock

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