Knowledge is key

In-house R&D department

The in-house Research and Development team understands the challenges our customers face, whether in inland or offshore mining, whether a maintenance dredging job is in a small industrial pond or in a busy international harbour. The skilled team is driven by the aim to innovate our product portfolio continuously; their main goal is to ensure that our customers are provided with dredging technology that will give them a head start on their specific dredge job.

The drive for product improvement

Dredging Innovations

Besides the engineering department which works on current projects, a complete team at the separate Research, Development and Innovation department continuously works on product improvement. New or improved dredging solutions will enhance pump systems or boost cutting system productions. New designs are detailed and tested on the yard –where we are always looking for new solutions to improve the efficiency of our dredging equipment.

Understanding dredging challenges

Dredging solutions

The dredging process has a number of points where an efficiency boost will result in a spectacular overall efficiency increase. These are the points the R&D team focuses on. The skill set of our R&D engineers ensure that our dredging systems combine excellent excavating properties with efficient transport of soils.

Damen’s inhouse dredge pump design

As the dredge pump is at the heart of our dredgers, we develop our dredge pumps in house, with our own software, based on the applied research. The designs are further verified with accepted CFD solvers and ultimately tested under dredging circumstances. Our dredge pump designs show an excellent efficiency combined with a large spherical passage and low wear patterns leading to a high production and low downtime.

Dredge process simulator

Our focus should not only be on the dredging equipment itself when improving dredging processes or dredging operations. A well-trained crew will make the difference in the field. For that purpose a CSD operator cabin has been built which is a 360⁰ dredge simulator. The cabin is shipped over the world to train local crew on the job. The system allows for specific job-related dredging data to be used; as a result a skillful crew is ready when the stationary dredger arrives on site.


Our success stories

First CSD600 “Jhoni 58” at work

The first-of-series CSD600 has started working in Indonesia on a river maintenance project. Featuring cutter power of 250 kW and a maximum dredging depth of -16 m, the brand new dredger fits the local operations perfectly.

3 sister CSD250s to Mexico

In one delivery 3 cutter suction dredgers CSD250 were shipped to Mexico for various harbour maintenance jobs around the country.

CSD650 “Krakatoa” delivered to Indonesia

With a submersed dredge pump, the CSD650 is fitted out for deep water dredging up to -25 m. Customised with anchor booms and deck crane, the dredge is ready for its job.

Argentina welcomes CSD650 “Felicitas”

The customised modular CSD650 “Felicitas” has been delivered to Argentina, complete with its matching booster station BS650.

Shallow water dredging

Two customised sister vessels CSD500 were delivered to the Middle East. The dredgers were fitted out with wedge pieces for shallow water dredging.

Locally built CSD650

Built by Damen Albwardy, this standard CSD650 is working locally. Customised by adding anchor booms, a deck crane, an communication package and more the dredger is fit for its job. Dredge packages for local dredge building can be shipped around the globe.

CSD500 at port expansion project

The customised standard stock dredger ‘MAR 22’ will work at the Al Hamriyah port expansion project. Delivered from stock, the dredger was speedily available for starting on the capital dredging project.

Customised CSD650 delivered

The CSD650 “Tee Jay” was readied for dredging at -22 m dredging depth. Customised by adding a deck crane and navigation package, the stationary dredger has started work in Western Africa.

CSD450 “Herradura” doing maintenance dredging

Part of a larger shipment of dredgers, the CSD450 “Herradura” was delivered to Mexico for an array of river maintenance dredging jobs. The dredger was customised by adding anchor booms, a spud carriage and dredging instrumentation.

The prefect match, a booster 650

Together with the CSD650, a booster station BS650 was delivered for a dredge job in Argentina. The boosters dredge pump and drive are identical to those in the dredger.

Additional discharge distance

A booster BS500 was delivered to a Canadian customer. The standard design was delivered without engine, enabling the use of existing components on site. The boosters works in series with a hopper dredger, adding discharge distance to the job.

Available and immediately delivered from stock

When a dredging projects becomes a challenge, a booster station can be the instant solution. Heavy materials, longer discharge distances or a higher mixture concentration can be handled when adding a booster station to a discharge pipeline.

Sustainable Booster Stations

Two electrically driven Booster Stations BS500 were delivered for a dredge job in Germany. Silent and clean, these booster can be used in urbanised areas.

Combined delivery with CSD500

A BS500 was delivered together with a CSD500 to Western Africa. The pumping unit is placed in the discharge pipe line of a stationary mining dredger, bridging the distance to the stock area.

Trailing Pipe System 500 for "JOSE DUARTE"

A 500 mm trailing pipe, customised to work between -20 m and -40 m dredging depth, has been delivered to a Portuguese yard for a Portuguese contractor.

Trailing Pipe System 500 for "KADOSH"

A standard Damen TSHD1000 has been delivered fitted out with a 500 mm trailing pipe for dredging at max -20 m. The delivery included a medium pressure heavy duty dredge pump for both hopper loading and bow discharge.

Trailing Pipe System 600 for "Yuri Maslyukov"

A complete dredging package including trailing pipe and dredge pump has been shipped as DTC design package for a hopper dredge built at the Russian ONEGA Shipyard.

Trailing Pipe System 400 for "Tommy Norton"

A standard Damen TSHD650 has been delivered fitted out with a 400 mm trailing pipe for dredging at max -15 m. The delivery included a medium pressure heavy duty dredge pump for both hopper loading and bow discharge.

Trailing Pipe System 700 for "Barito Equator"

A 2.500 m3 hopper dredger has been built locally in Indonesia, and was fitted out with a complete Damen dredging package including trailing pipe and dredge pump.

Trailing Pipe System 800 for "Anita Conti"

The dredging system for the ‘Anita Conti’ includes an 800 mm starboard-side trailing pipe plus gantries, winches and swell compensator, all designed for a dredging depth of up to 22 metres.

DOP200 with sand mining head (2 sets)

Two sets op DOP dredge pumps have been delivered to HALEX Construction in Singapore. The sand mining pumps will be used to disperse previously mined sand over the relatively unstable clay bottom of a newly created polder in Singapore.

DOP250 with cutter head

A DOP dredge pump, type DOP250, including cutter head and dredging instrumentation has been delivered to Australian contractor Polaris Marine Pty through the Damen Service hub in Brisbane.

DOP150 with sand mining head

A DOP150 has been delivered with spares and auxiliaries to Dredging Africa, to assist a mining operation. As the dredge pump was on stock, the dredge package has been delivered within a week.

DOP200 with power pack

A DOP dredge pump and matching power pack have been delivered to the Swedish contractor Peab AB. The dredge package delivered included mixture discharge hoses, hydraulic hoses for the dredge pump drive, as well as a set of spares.

DOP150 with cutter head

A DOP150 has been delivered with standard sand mining head, plus a cutter head and top plate for mounting on an excavator’s boom. The submersible sand pump will work in Asia.

DOP250 with cutter unit

A complete DOP dredge package has been delivered, including a diesel-hydraulic power pack for driving the DOP dredge pump and its cutter unit, plus a jet pack supplying the sand mining head with pressurised water.

DOP250 with sand mining head

A DOP250 dredge pump has been delivered to Angola. It will work, attached to a wire crane, together with another DOP on a local harbour project. The DOP will remove silt to medium fine sand recently deposited along the various quays.

Dredging components in stock

Various sizes of dredge pumps and dredge valves are in stock