Full service organisation

At your service

Maximising uptime of your dredging equipment is key. The Damen service organisation is at your disposal to ensure a swift start-up of your operations, and it offers continuous support during the life time of your dredging mission equipment. At the Damen Dredging Equipment yard, a dedicated dredging service team is at your service to answer your technical queries.

Your partner in dredging

Full service organisation

Wherever you are located in the world, and whatever dredging mission equipment is concerned, the Damen service team is ready to assist you. The quick response team has immediate access to the as-built files of your dredger, booster station, dredger pump or any other type of equipment that has left our yard.

From spares shipment to service on your doorstep

Extensive worldwide service

Service is not only about shipping spare parts to your jobsite. It is about fast access to specific knowledge on how to service and repair your dredging equipment. Or you might need a Field Service Engineer to assemble your dredger on site, to start up a DOP dredge pump package, or to retrofit a trailing suction pipe on board of your hopper dredger. The Damen service does all that – and more.

Getting you going

Getting your dredging operation up and running smoothly will immediately result in a boost of the dredging production. Damen Field Service Engineers travel the world to start up your dredging system: assembly of stationary dredgers or the full project set-up of a DOP submersible dredge pump project. No matter what the dredge operation is, the Damen service team ensures a fluent start-up.

Keeping you going

Once up and running, dredging mission equipment – as any other - will need constant monitoring and maintenance. The Damen service team can assist you in regular maintenance or in major overhauls, wherever you are located.

You up? We are!

Damen Services offers 24/7 emergency support. We are here to help get you going when the going gets tough.