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Engineering since 2013

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Damen Engineering Gdansk is competence center for engineering to order, one offs and prototypes vessels with a strong drive for optimizing ship performance. Being part of the ’Damen family’ with years of experience gave us a chance to participate in challenging projects and innovative technical solutions.

As a Damen Engineering Gdansk, we were established in 2013 with 18 employees on board. Since then we developed our competences, skills and knowledge to almost reach 150 passionate and enthusiastic employees in 2022. The growing team consists of Naval Architects, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers. To have much better control over the project and more informed design process with greater certainty of final product we build a strong team of Project Managers and Supply Chain Specialists. All those combine competencies allow us to deliver products of the highest possible quality, on time and in accordance to planned budget.

We are set up to be involved into the engineering process from the moment when an idea is generated by the client to the vessel delivery. We are responsible for transforming the initial design into a complete and practicable engineering package. The experienced engineering department is also involved during the production phase of each ship and provides support as necessary. Close collaboration with the client during the whole process allows us to quickly respond to any changes and ensure we are delivering tailor made solution.

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Having ambitious and open minded engineers led us to create R&D Team. It helps us not to stay still but to look forwards and seek innovative technologies to improve our products, exchange knowledge and work collaboratively within European environment. “Working in Damen means working for one of the world's leading international shipbuilding companies. Growing number of employees, has not lost character as a family company based on values and respect for maritime heritage”.

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Who we are

  • Mission

    We deliver unrivalled design and engineering service, to enhance our clients long-term competitiveness.

  • Vision

    The leader of technical and design thought in the field of shipbuilding, a strategic partner in conducting technologically advanced, innovative and prototype projects, as well as a source of competence and knowledge for the group.

  • Values

    We believe firmly in our team – but also in the strength of the individual – working together as One Damen.

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Damen Engineering Gdansk as a member of Damen Group says: development, raising awareness, trust and social acceptance is a pillar of the company's success not only on the local but also on the global market. Identifying business with the local environment is of great importance, because it helps balance the Damen Engineering Gdansk interests with the goals, expectations and needs of the local community. Involvement in actions, initiatives or events that affect the local environment is one of the most important values ​​in Damen Engineering Gdansk. We want show that the company is not only an instrument on the market but an organized group of people who wants to promote activities for the benefit of the local community. The company's success is the chain of good actions and relationships that Damen Engineering Gdansk creates.

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Grunwaldzka 415 street, Alchemia building, 11th floor, Argon
80-309 Gdańsk, Poland, Poland
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