Electrical & Automation

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Electrical & Automation

As an electrical and automation department, our main services are participating in Design&Proposal and Design Check for the E&A discipline, participating in Basic Design for the E&A discipline, participating in retrofit installations design and ship repair documentation design, detailed Engineering including 3D modelling and production information release, participating in HAT/SAT documents development, participating in site support team, checking the documents of E&A co-maker for complying Class requirements and Client specifications, coordination of E&A discipline and co-makers.

To execute this tasks we use specific software, such as Cadmatic Outfitting, Autocad, IFS, Cadmatic Electrical Expected.

What we do

EA Team

Additional subservices, we do are standards insurance and control, which are done, using Cadmatic Outfitting, Autocad, IFS. Here we proceed with the following: standard drawing for Handbooks, creation and maintenance/update of 3D standard components, cadmatic Master Library maintenance, IFS Part Catalog maintenance - creation and maintenance/update of engineering parts, services Part Catalog - creation and maintenance/update of non-engineering parts for DAMEN sites. We also take care of our technical documentation: preparation of full set of documents for the vessels, checking/review of Class certificates, type approval and material certificates, coordination of Vendors in respect of ship equipment certification. For this, we use Autocad, IFS.