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For engineering company correct and proper functioning of all IT systems is essential. This is where our department, with the collection of persons who are experts when it comes to electronic communications of all kinds, step into. As an IT department, we ensure, that the most effective and competent forms of electronic communication to take place. This include configuring network access, setting up and making changes to existing workstations, and assigning access rights at various levels to key personnel within the company. Besides that, we maintain and develop a flexible, cost efficient, secure infrastructure landscape for solid foundation for business applications, Damen WorkSpace & End User Devices that facilitates collaboration, added business value, security and innovation. Moreover, we ensure a workable disaster recovery backup in the event that some section of the network should happen to fail. Besides that, working in collaboration with global team we provide 2nd and 3rd line users' support and manage MS SharePoint server farm.

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In addition to Regional & infrastructure support and Collaboration services, described above, we also provide ERP & Engineering services. Here we support engineering applications for AutoCAD, Cadmatic, and other 2D & 3D systems to facilitate engineering processes; we optimize and roll out business applications for supporting standardization & optimization. Also, working as a part of the Global IFS support team, we facilitate business process optimization and professional maintenance of all ERP systems and interfaces for all Damen Sites.