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Research & Development

MDEM R&D provides structural expertise services in strength, structural stability, vibration calculations, and weight optimizations by using the Finite Element Method for the entire Damen Group. More than 10 years of working experience with different vessel types and complex structures let us bring the most reliable, practical, and modern solutions to each project where we are involved.

What we do

R&D Services

MDEM R&D supports engineering teams with structural calculations based on Classification Rules requirements and preparation of the reports for Class Approval. Our service includes global strength, racking, natural frequency, docking/transportation analyses as well as local calculations for masts, wheelhouses, fenders, ramps, girders, all kinds of foundations, anchor/mooring equipment, and decks including helicopter platforms, etc. to make vessel design satisfying all the structural requirements in terms of strength, structural stability, and vibrational excellence. The department works closely with DAMEN Research, Development, and Innovation to develop modern and unique technologies including the development of the software for the vessel design and performance prediction needs.

Types of work


Nozzle Vibration Tool

Developed and validated solver for nozzle natural frequencies analysis

Propulsion Performance Tools

Software for the analysis and performance prediction of propulsion systems

Generator foundation for composite ferry

Feasibility study of the generator foundation

Fatigue Analysis

FE models for fatigue analyses

ASD Tug Winch Foundation

Strength and buckling calculations of the winch supporting structure

OSRV 1050

Global natural frequency analysis

RSD 2513

Global natural frequency analysis

Carousel Rave Tug

Natural Frequency Analysis

DPu 4619

Hull strength calculations


Strut strength analysis

FCS 5009

Global strength analysis

FCS 2610

Forced Vibration Analysis

DMD 10026

Global strength

FDV 7111

Exhaust foundation Natural Frequency Analysis

SPi 2205

Global natural frequency analysis

OSRV 1050

Wheelhouse and mast natural frequency analysis


Strength Analysis

ASD 2411

Guidepost Analysis