LeanShips Project

MEGA will be part of the LeanShips Project, funded in the H2020 Work Progamme of the European Union. The project’s goal is to develop green technologies and to get them to the market.

This demonstrator case will provide a prototype harbour tug, namely the RSD (Reverse Stern Drive) 2513 CNG, which operates with compressed natural gas (CNG) as a fuel. For the time being there are four tugs operational with liquefied natural gas as a fuel worldwide. These tugs use medium speed engines, which are big, heavy and expensive.


The presented demonstrator would use high speed engines, provided by MTU, to directly drive the thrusters. The use of these high speed natural gas engines offers a high power density, matching the compact ship design, combined with cost-efficiency, compared to the medium speed engines, being used in the existing LNG fuelled tugs. It will be the first use of high speed gas engines in a maritime application in this power range.

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