Maximising uptime

RSD-WID 2915 Fregate

Range of functionalities

A tug in a busy port may be fully occupied 24/7. Yet, in a smaller port the combination of different functionalities makes the tug even more valuable for the port authorities. That is the case with the “Fregate”, owned by De Boer Remorquage SARL.


A tug and a dredger all in one

Integrated dredging gear as no deck space was available. The RSD2915 is a good example of a smart combination of Damen’s fields of expertise: excellent tugs and performant dredging gear.

Always in action

The Reverse Stern Drive (RSD) tug 2915 “Fregate” is a harbour tug. It offers its towage services using its 42.5 tonnes of bollard pull in the harbour of Cayenne, French Guyana. The tug is 29.2 metres long and is fitted with our hybrid drive. These are the basic requirements for a tug. Yet in this case there are two additions: the tug is fitted out with fire-fighting equipment and with a Water Injection Dredging system to help keep the port at the right depth.

Dedicated dredging gear

For this tug, the Water Injection Dredging gear has been integrated into the design. The jet beam fits the stern neatly without interfering with the towage activities. The heavy-duty dredge pumps are located in the hull, and don’t require deck space. Thus, a compact yet powerful dredging tug has been created.


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