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Mobile Ballast Water Management System

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Mobile Ballast Water Management System

Damen Green Solutions and Bawat BV have established a joint venture for the development and sale of cutting-edge mobile ballast water management systems (BWMS). The joint venture, operating under the collective name Bawat Damen, marks a significant step in revolutionising mobile ballast water management solutions.

Under the joint venture, Bawat BV will provide its innovative system for treating ballast water. The system features a patented pasteurisation process that eradicates organisms without the use of chemicals, filters, or UV. Damen Green Solutions, renowned for its expertise in accelerating maritime sustainability, will undertake the construction of these standardised mobile BWMS.

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Mobile system

One-step treatment process

Bawat Damen aims to revolutionise the mobile ballast water treatment landscape by providing efficient, easy-to-install mobile systems that cater to vessel owners in need of compliant solutions. With a focus on high-quality construction, seamless operations and global market reach, the Bawat Damen joint venture is set to redefine the standards for mobile ballast water management.

Bawat Damen mobile advantages

  • Dual certification: the system is both IMO and USCG certified, ensuring global compliance and acceptance.

  • Flexible service options: whether you have an unplanned contingency or need scheduled servicing while in port, we have you covered.

  • Universal water treatment: designed to treat all water qualities and types (turbidity, salinity, temperature), ensuring unparalleled flexibility and reliability.

  • Time-efficient single pass treatment: our advanced approach guarantees the swiftest treatment process in the industry, minimising downtime and disruption.

  • Eco-friendly solution: we offer a chemical-free and no-filter treatment, ensuring an environmentally responsible choice for marine ecosystems.

Incredible cleaning power

Fully self sufficient

Our system utilises pasteurisation, a tried and-trusted method for eradicating bacteria, algae, and plankton. Through heating, the Bawat Damen BWMS method gets rid of unwanted species in a single pass.

Simple execution

IMO & USCG certified

The system is both IMO and USCG certified, ensuring global compliance and acceptance. It is built by Damen with standard marine components for reliable operations.

Simple excellence

  • Connection to the vessel: BWMS links directly to the ship's ballast water piping from the dockside or a barge, or temporarily lifted and installed on your ship.

  • Efficient one-pass treatment technology: makes this process the most effective and efficient compliant ballast water treatment solution saving you time and money.

  • Water flow: the ballast water is channeled through the Bawat Damen BWMS using the ship's existing ballast pump or an additional booster pump.

  • Clean discharge: once the water has been treated by the mobile BWMS, it meets both IMO and USCG standards and is safe to discharge.

  • Option for fresh ballast: ships can also be filled with pre-treated water. Water is taken from the harbour, treated by the mobile BWMS, and then filled into the vessel's ballast tanks.

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