Triton by Damen

Triton makes your system’s data make sense

Triton, Damen’s award-winning, centralized IoT platform, puts your vessel’s data to work in an easy-to-use digital environment. Triton provides crew and fleet managers with regular updates on system and overall asset health. When it comes to service, Triton eases maintenance tasks by providing crew with accurate instructions that help keep systems in optimal condition.  

Triton connects you to your system data and makes the data make sense.  


Safe, secure, efficient

Triton provides a single, secure, access location for real-time visualisation of onboard systems; improving efficiency, maintenance and many other aspects of your operation.

Data, simplified

Triton provides a modular platform that presents operational information and 3rd party applications in a single digital environment. Triton’s visual dashboard reduces data-overload, provides access to OEM knowledge, and gives a single, front-end dashboard for all connected systems.

Remote monitoring made easy

Triton compiles information generated by your vessel’s, or your fleet’s, systems and compiles it into a single, easy-to-use, visual platform that assists you and your crew with tracking asset health, maintenance scheduling, and more. Triton shares data with onboard crew as well as fleet operations, streamlining the communication between systems, maintenance communications, and shore.

How does Triton work?  

Triton collects and analyses asset data and, based on the ship design criteria and benchmark information, provides insights into improving maintenance and fleet performance. Triton by Damen facilitates data analytics and machine learning tools which go beyond any individual system, giving you the competitive advantage by having data-driven insights on utilization, efficiency and effectivity of your ship’s operations. 

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The future is digital, the future is here

Damen Services offers award-winning technology to make your fleet more efficient, more effective, and more sustainable.

Triton has a wide range of functionalities

  • Live data dashboard & historic data playback

    Live-feedback dashboard visuals make system assessments accurate, quick and easy. Go back in time to see past data and draw insights into more safe and efficient operations.

  • Operational performance reports & easy analytics tool

    Feedback and insights based on real-time data and operations. Simplifies data review by allowing you to quickly and easily sort, review and plan off of historic data.

  • Automated logbook & notifications

    Automation of data entry improves accuracy and saves time, allowing crew to focus on other tasks. System alerts.

  • Remote support module

    On demand answers, troubleshooting and assistance, so you never set sail alone.

  • DMMS integration

    Seamless integration with Damen Maintenance Management Solutions or other MMS systems.

  • Fuel Monitoring Reports

    Improves efficiency and provides cost savings by generating insights on reducing future fuel consumption and identifies irregularities in fuel usage.

Triton is compatible with any ship type, from any shipyard

Damen-built or not, Triton has you covered

Maintenance scheduling, made better - DMMS makes asset maintenance faster, easier and more efficient