26 Mar 2024

Damen and Art Explora celebrate First B-shore converter commissioning for Art Explorer yacht

A flexible power solution for the world's largest sailing catamaran

Rick van de Weg

Damen and Art Explora recently celebrated the commissioning of the first B-Shore power converter in Malta. Damen had announced the development of the unique converter series in October 2022, in partnership with Mc Energy. The B-Shore provides a solution to shore power frequency fluctuations, adapts to any shore installation and ensures connection to shore power anytime, anywhere.

The Art Explorer yacht is the world's largest sailing catamaran and museum boat. Designed by architects Axel de Beaufort and Guillaume Verdier, it is 47 metres long and 55 metres high. The ship belongs to a private owner and will be lent for six months a year to the Art Explora Foundation, which will use it as a museum. For the remainder of the year, the vessel will be used for charter and private purposes.

Due to the dual role of the yacht, a clear electrical separation was implemented between the hotel and museum segments. Art Explora system architect Guy Butterati said: "Due to weight restrictions, it was not possible to install a second galvanic isolation for the museum system on board the yacht. In addition, we have plans to present the yacht as a museum beyond the borders of Europe. A less stable electrical network is expected in this new environment. The Damen B-Shore is the ideal solution for us to deal with these issues.”

Tom Busse, Project Manager at Damen Services, added: "The plug-and-play concept of the B-Shore is very practical. Connecting and activating it doesn't pose much of a challenge for an average electrical engineer. The activation of the B-Shore went smoothly on the first try, so we are happy, but more importantly, our customer is happy.”

The commissioning of the first B-Shore power converter marks a significant milestone in sustainable power management for maritime operations, underscoring Damen’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the maritime industry.