B-Shore Converter

Flexible and class-approved shore power converter

Benefits wherever your vessels operate in the world

Connecting a vessel to shore power has many advantages, but what if the facility doesn’t match the exact electrical power requirements of your vessel? This problem led Damen, together with MC Energy, to develop the B-Shore power frequency converter – a class-approved solution to match any shore facility to your vessel and ensure a connection to the shore power anytime, anywhere. Our unique solution can be fastened on deck or installed at your home port, making it perfect for shore-to-ship and ship-to-shore connections.

Shore voltage variations

The B-Shore power transformer supports multiple voltage inputs and outputs. Simply by connecting the device to the available grid supply, the boat has a safe electrical power supply. No high inrush currents, no hull damage, and worry-free power with optional battery energy storage through the ES-ready connector.

Regional power frequency differences

By using the B-Shore Static (B-Shore S) converter system, the difference in voltage level is solved but the different grid frequency, too. All features on the B-Shore converter are available on the B-Shore Static converter as well.

Protecting your electrical system

The B-Shore Static range also protects your electrical system from drops in voltage level or frequency, which could severely damage equipment on board over time. By using the ES-ready option, it is easy to connect a battery energy storage facility to the B-Shore unit and keep all the critical applications up and running.


  • Multiple connection voltages for worldwide grid coverage

  • Ideal for shore-to-ship and ship-to-shore connections

  • Contributes to lowering emission footprint

  • Generator fuel savings

  • No hull damage thanks to galvanic isolation of both shore and ship’s electrical system

  • Significant cost savings on docking and repair costs

  • Balances unstable shore power grid

Compatible solution

The B-Shore power converter is a solution applicable for vessels with an installed power up to 64A-250A. Due to its compatibility, this mobile marine shore power device can still be used when your fleet changes. The B-Shore plug and play solution can be connected to power within just 2 hours and delivered at short notice.

For more information and available options download the B-Shore Leaflet

Download the B-Shore Leaflet

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