22 Oct 2021

Damen delivers two Multi Cats to Brabo in Antwerp

The naming ceremony of two Damen Multi Cats took place at Brabo’s headquarters in Antwerp on 21st October.

Rick van de Weg

Antwerp-based Brabo Group has held a naming ceremony for a Multi Cat 1506 and a Multi Cat 1908 delivered by Damen Shipyards Group. The group’s cleaning division, Brabo Cleaning Company, has secured a contract with Port of Antwerp to maintain a pollution-free environment in the harbour.

The naming ceremony took place at Brabo’s headquarters in Antwerp on 21st October. The vessels were sponsored by Mrs Annick de Ridder and Mrs Yasmine Janssen.

After securing the contract, Brabo required the vessels quickly. They were also looking for assets that were versatile enough to be potentially adapted to other uses in the future. Damen’s practice of building vessels in series was the answer to both these requirements; the two Multi Cat cascos were already in stock, ready for adaptation to Brabo’s needs. Additionally, the vessels are configured modularly for easy adjustment going forwards.

The customisation of the Multi Cats was carried out by Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld, supported by Brabo Cleaning Company’s supplier, Van de Velden Pipe Inspections & Solutions. This included outfitting the vessels with a vacuum installation, oil booms, high pressure units in the pump room, hot water units, discharge pump and a grabber in the vessels’ crane to collect larger elements.

In the case of the Multi Cat 1506, the yard also raised the wheelhouse in order to create the space for the pump room. All of the cleaning equipment is installed modularly and can, therefore, be easily adjusted or removed in the future should the vessels take on different functions.

To perform their function effectively, the Multi Cats also require additional power. Damen has taken care of this with the installation of two extra generator sets.

Given the role the Multi Cats will fulfill in keeping the Port of Antwerp clean, it is crucial that their own performance be clean and efficient. Applying its in-house developed selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology, combined with a particle filter, Damen has significantly reduced the vessels’ NOX emissions. Performance is in line with Euro Stage V regulations for vessels operating in inland- and coastal waters. The performance is also compliant with IMO Tier III for seagoing vessels.

Damen sales manager Benelux Luc Joos said, “This is the first time we have worked with Brabo Group and the cooperation has proven to be a good one. It’s not been without challenges, given that the order arrived on the same day as the first coronavirus lockdown began. However, we have managed to keep working safely during that time and to prepare the vessels to the client’s requirements. I wish Brabo success with their new Multi Cats and look forward to working together again in the future.”