18 Mar 2022

Damen Maaskant wins Shellfish Sustainability & Innovation Prize

Damen Maaskant Shipyards contributions to a future proof fleet have been acknowledged

Hans Buitelaar

Damen Maaskant Shipyards is working hard for the development of a maritime industry without harmful emissions. Their contributions to a future proof fleet have been acknowledged on Thursday March 17th at the Shellfish Conference. Representative from the province of Zeeland, Jo-Annes de Bat, presented to yard managing director Eric Moerkerk the esteemed ’Shellfish Sustainability and Innovation Prize 2022’.

‘The road to Zero Impact’ is the title of the trade show booth and webinar that Damen Maaskant is presenting at the Shellfish Conference. The seventh edition of this international show about catching and farming of shellfish is being held March 17th and 18th at the isle Neeltje Jans, once the working station of the vessels and civil engineers that built the Oosterschelde Storm shutters. At the busy stand, where joy about the prize winning is experienced, yard director Moerkerk explains: “The road to zero impact, zero emission, zero pollution start today. We want to guide entrepreneurs and businesses through the necessary transition towards real sustainability and together we will build a future proof fishing fleet. This beautiful prize shows that our efforts to stand out are being valued and awarded. This inspires even more to continue on the path we have chosen.”

Future Proof

At the conference, visitors show interest in the Damen Maaskant booth. The message expressed is that a fishing industry that operates without any harm to the natural environment, will prove to be viable in the future. Only this way, fisheries will survive for generations to come. The yard in the town of Stellendam leads the development and build of sustainable vessels that enable fishermen and aquafarmers to perform their profession at outmost efficiency. Grow, harvest and catch shellfish at the most environmentally sound way, will contribute to food supply as consumers call for and which aligns with marine ecosystems.

“We have knowledge and know-how to develop a future proof fleet,” Moerkerk says. “Combining forces of Damen Maaskant Shipyards and the Damen Fishing Product Group allows us to strengthen mutual capabilities and serve a wider market within the fishing industry. Also, we are supported by a wide and varied local chain of suppliers.”

Jeroen van den Berg, Eric Moerkerk are receiving the Prize from Jo-Annes de Bat, Representative from the province of Zeeland (left) and Jaap Holstein, co-organizer of the Shellfish Conference (right)


Hybrid ship or even fully electric propelled vessels, that offer optimal comfort on board will offer a pleasant working environment for fishermen. Damen Maaskant is extending its portfolio with vessels that cause even less pollution and that will provide healthy professional circumstances to the professionals at sea.

“We are actively involved in the all of the ongoing projects to develop zero emission shipping,” Commercial Manager Jeroen van den Berg of Damen Maaskant Shipyards adds. “The sustainable and zero-emission solutions that we are currently focusing on, are electrification and e-fuels, like hydrogen and methanol. We are Damen, so we have already started. At this moment, we are creating an innovative zero-emission vessel for Krijn Verwijs from Yerseke to be employed in mussel farming and harvesting and another for Meromar Seafoods in Harlingen that will be active in shellfish fishing.”


With its new vessel designs and lay-out, Damen Maaskant Shipyards wants to capitalize and improve on the years of experience and know-how in the construction of fishing vessels. Technology, equipment and systems have been created that have proven to be effective. Adding this to achievements in other markets, like the hybrid and electric propulsion systems used aboard e-ferries and the Rotterdam water busses, the Stellendam yard can benefit from knowledge within the Damen Shipyards Group. Yet, in close co-operation with every client, placement of machinery and lay-out of engine rooms, the yard will always be flexible to meet client demand.

On the top image from left to right:

Jeroen van den Berg (Commercial Manager, Damen Maaskant Shipyards), Eric Moerkerk (Managing Director, Damen Maaskant Shipyards) and Andre de Bie (Programme Manager, Damen)