8 Apr 2022

Damen Shipyards builds aquaculture vessels on stock

Damen Shipyards Group is building four new Landing Utility Vessels 2208

Hans Buitelaar

Sturdy LUV 2208 ideal platform for sustainable sea farming

Expressing their trust in the development of European aquaculture, Damen Shipyards Group is building four new Landing Utility Vessels of 22 meter length and 8 meter beam (LUV 2208) on stock. Damen is convinced this vessel offers ideal capacities for sea based food production and that buyers will be best served with vessels that can be delivered quickly.

In close cooperation with Coastal Workboats from Exeter at the English south coast, the versatile vessels are built. Design and development is from Damen, who also closely monitors the construction at the yard. Collaboration of the yards was initiated with the construction of the first three LUV 2208, all three from stock. Two of these vessels are now in operation, the last one at the Kames ecological fish farm off the Scottish west coast. The decision to build another four on stock comes after positive feedback from the clients. Teamwork with Damen and Coastal Workboats encouraged further joint projects.

The LUV 2208 is developed for the demanding conditions of sea farming. Large nets and cables need to be handled, big harvests need to be loaded and offloaded, vehicles roll on and off over the ramp that also allows for beaching. Steel plating is extra thick Bulwarks and boarding ladders are all heavily built and large for ease of operation at aquaculture farms, often operating with a multitude of boats. Fendering does not consist of used car tires, but heavy rubber fenders are fixed in the hull sides. This will last long and provide better protection. The wide hull provides impressive stability, that allows big cranes to be operated from the deck. The LUV 2208 offers enough stability for a crane that will lift 2,500 kilogram at a range of 15.5 meters from it’s base. At smaller range of 3.5 meters, a crane lifting 15 tonnes can be safely operated aboard. The engine room is spacious to provide for extra equipment. Standard propulsion power is delivered by diesel direct Volvo Penta engines, including standard SCR and particles after treatment installation that also greatly reduces noise and vibrations.

Whereas proven technology and standardisation ensure the quality of build for the LUV 2208, the design allows for great flexibility. One or two cranes, deck equipment like capstans and winches can be placed on the large deck area. The helm station accommodation with day shelter and small galley can be extended to provide one or two cabins for overnight stays.

In a joint operation, Damen and Coastal Workboats will open a service and maintenance yard at the west coast of Scotland, serving clients in aquaculture close to where they operate.