18 May 2021

Fratelli Neri holds naming ceremony for three Damen RSD Tugs 2513

A naming ceremony for three Damen RSD Tugs 2513.

On 15th May, Fratelli Neri held a naming ceremony for three Damen RSD Tugs 2513 in Livorno, Italy. The vessels join a fleet of several Damen tugs.

Two of the vessels, named Romito and Calafuria were built at Damen Shipyards Galati and were delivered to Fratelli Neri at the end of 2019. Both of these tugs offer 70 tonnes bollard pull in the configuration tractor tug.

The latest addition to the company’s fleet has been named Gabriella Neri, for the wife of Chairman Piero Neri. Damen built the vessel at Damen Song Cam Shipyard and delivered her in Livorno in January this year. This is the most powerful of the three, with 80 tonnes bollard pull.

All three of the tugs are equipped with FiFi1 and feature escort, oil recovery, salvage notation and are fully compliant with Italian Flag regulations.

The design of the RSD Tug 2513 combines characteristics of both tractor and ASD tugs to create a vessel which always sails and operates bow first. For this reason the tug is equally effective at both bow and stern towage operations.

As one of Damen’s Next Generation Tugs Series, the RSD tug 2513 has a focus on offering increased safety, sustainability, reliability and efficiency.

Fratelli Neri managing director Corrado Neri said. “We are delighted to have taken delivery of Romito, Calafuria and Gabriella Neri from Damen Shipyards. The new tugs’ versatility, high power and low emissions make them an ideal addition to our existing fleet, allowing us to continue to provide the highest standard of service to our customers with safety excellence.”

Damen area manager Antonio Marte said, “We are honored to once again deliver Damen vessels to Fratelli Neri. These three tugs confirm the long term vision and innovative will of the Neri family. Romito and Calafuria were in fact among the first Damen tugs to feature IMO Tier III readiness for reduction of NOX emissions, the revolutionary Twin Fin concept to provide maximum directional stability and higher towing forces, the resilient mount superstructure to minimise noise and vibration for optimal crew comfort and the Damen Safety Glass to enhance highest safety in operations. Additionally, the Gabriella Neri has the Damen Triton remote monitoring system. With Triton it’s possible to monitor the performance of the vessel in real time from the office, facilitating operational optimisation. I am sure that these three vessels will serve Livorno port extremely well and I look forward to continuing supporting Fratelli Neri going forwards.”

Fratelli Neri, like Damen, is a family company with a long history. Founded by Costante Neri in the 19th century, the company today operates a fleet of over 40 vessels.