Ready for the future


Vessels for the future


With Damen’s goal of becoming the most sustainable shipbuilder in the world, IMO Tier III represents an opportunity to support the advance of environmentally-conscious shipping. All vessels entering US & Caribbean (keel laid 2016 onwards) and the North and Baltic seas (2021 onwards) are to be in compliance with the emissions reduction regulation.

In-house solution

In order to be ready for the new rules, Damen began development of an emissions reduction system for its tugs some years ago. The result was the in-house design and development of a class-approved solution; the Damen NOx reduction System. A system that reduces the NOx emissions of a tug some 80% compared with IMO Tier II requirements.


It wasn’t without its challenges, technical ones for sure, but also the relative lack of space in a compact workhorse such as a tug. We got around that by combining the system with the vessels’ silencers – reducing not only NOx emissions, but noise levels at the same time.

Advanced systems

Suited to all extremes

The Damen Marine NOx Reduction System is an advanced active emissions control system using selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology suited for diesel marine engines. We have designed the system to operate on both high and low loads in ambient conditions from -30 degrees C up to 45 degrees C.

Proven innovation

All of our Next Generation Tugs series vessels are designed to be compatible with the Damen Marine NOx Reduction System, which can be fitted – or retrofitted – at any time. Applying our hallmark of standardisation gives our clients have fast access to a proven, modular system.