Sustainable Support

Taking care of the environment

The world is becoming more environmentally aware. In the maritime industry, like in so many sectors currently, this awareness is being channeled into the development and adoption of sustainable solutions. At Damen we want to become the world’s most sustainable shipbuilder.

Ways to sustainability

There are many routes we will take to this. A part of this is making the processes by which we construct our products optimally efficient. Furthermore, it’s about making our products sustainable, so that you can also reduce the footprint of your operations. We firmly believe that the way to maritime sustainability lies in working together.
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Sustainable vessels

We are also producing vessels that can help you to take care of the environment in our harbours and ports. Those that can assist in waste management and pollution control for example. We also produce vessels with a sustainable footprint, such as electric tugs.
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Sustainable solutions

Sometimes, maintaining the environmental sustainability in port goes beyond the performance of the vessel itself. We have developed, for example, the InvaSave 300, an award-winning port-based mobile ballast water treatment system to prevent inadvertent transfer of alien species.

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