Crew change

A safe and comfortable voyage

Our crew change vessels offer passengers combined safety and comfort for both short and long range transfers. Our solutions also include options for longer offshore stays.

Crew change

Marine access

Applying the experience we have gained over many years in multiple maritime sectors, we have developed a portfolio of marine access solutions representing increased safety, comfort and profitability.

Safety, comfort and style

Crew Transfer Vessels

Suited for the transportation of both personnel and material in a safe and quick manner. Our Fast Crew Supplier (FCS) series covers a range of sizes and capabilities for operations in rivers, harbours, coastal waters and offshore. Our portfolio includes a number of vessels that have proven themselves game changes in the offshore energy industries, both renewable and non-renewable.
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Walking to work

Service Operations Vessel

The Service Operations Vessel (SOV) range combines outstanding seakeeping with efficiency and safe transfer capabilities. Comfortable accommodation and a highly efficient layout ensure a home-from-home environment for longer duration offshore stays.
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