Installation support

Versatility for a diverse sector

Offshore energy production is a diverse sector. Our portfolio reflects this with vessels suited to numerous tasks, including those to support various installation operations.

Installation support

Clean operations

We have developed a portfolio of solutions, constructed with the lowest possible environmental footprint and which operate efficiently and cleanly to support your installation activities.

Laying the ground

Offshore Carrier

The Damen Offshore Carrier (DOC) is an adaptable, proven platform able to take on a variety of installation tasks, including pipe and cable-laying. In order to perform its work effectively, the DOC is provided with grounding capability.
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A platform for supply


Our Platform Supply Vessels (PSV) are highly efficient, large capacity ships, especially suited to the transportation of crew and supplies to and from offshore locations.
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Easy handling

Anchor Handling Tug Supply

In addition to their anchor handling capabilities, our Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessels (AHTS) are suited to the transport of crew and supplies to and from offshore locations. The highly versatile design can be adapted for various operations and either diesel-direct or hybrid, depending on operational requirements.
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