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Damen Ship Lease

Damen Financial Services supports you in realising your business objectives by selecting the right financing solution.

One of the financing solutions is Damen Ship Lease. Damen Ship Lease is a private investment fund of the Damen family which offers attractive financial lease solutions. The benefits of Damen Ship Lease are a low down payment, short processing time and the possibility to refinance the vessel after one year, without any break fee.

The limited down payment and short processing time enable customers to start up or scale up at a fast pace. During the lease, the charterer is paying down the vessel while generating cash flows, so the vessel can be refinanced during the lease.

Damen Ship Lease has financed more than 100 vessels and has enabled a large variety of customers to profitably grow their business.

Basic criteria for selecting customers:

  • Standard vessels

  • Operational know how

  • Strong commercial capabilities

To identify and support your project, Damen Ship Lease requires:

  • Characteristics of the business of the company (i.e. audited financials)

  • Ownership structure of the company

  • Projected cash flow analysis

  • Other documentation or guarantees may be requested on further assessment


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