Damen Financial Services

Supplier’s credit

With our financing services, Customer Finance (CF) aims to support you in realising your business objectives.

To that end, CF partners with you in finding the most suitable financing solution. CF supports everything from start-ups to large corporates, as well as government bodies. For more than 40 years, CF has dedicated itself to arranging export loans and lease facilities. During this period long lasting relationships have been developed with national and international commercial banks, export credit insurers, investors and (multilateral) institutions.

Criteria for offering a supplier’s credit: vessels with limited refurbishment/repair time:

  • Customer has operational know how

  • Solid business case for the vessel

To identify and support your project, Damen Financial Services requests:

  • Last three years audited financial statements

  • Ownership structure of the company

  • Projected cash flow analysis

  • Other documentation or guarantees may be requested on further assessment


Do you need finance for a vessel?