27 July 2021

Damen mini-workhorse

Sold vessel

Damen mini-workhorse sold to Norway

Just over a year ago this small Damen tug and her sister were published on our website. Both vessels were built in 2016 for present owners.

Since new, both sisters have been operated in the Baltic, from where they were transported back to the Netherlands just two months ago. This vessel type is extremely handy to assist during port operations or on river projects due to its high manoeuvrability and relatively high power-to-length ratio (4.2 tonnes bollard pull on 10 metres).

The new owners will transport her to Norway, where she will be working as general assistance vessel in diverse operations, such as pontoon handling and mooring.

We wish new owners successful operations utilizing this true Damen workhorse.

The photo on the right shows Mr Munir (Seller) and Mr Radjiman (representative for the Buyer), shaking hands on the deal, which went to everyone’s satisfaction.

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