9 May 2022

Damen Shoalbuster 2208

Sold vessel

Damen Shoalbuster sold to Irish customer

We are pleased to announce that Foyle Marine Dredging Ltd is now the proud owner of the Damen Shoalbuster 2208 Afon Lligwy ex Herman.

Before take-over they have chartered the vessel for 6 months for a project in the Irish Sea from previous owner Holyhead Towing. Afon Lligwy has been assisting Foyle’s own dredging equipment on a civil engineering project. She is now being docked for her special survey after which she will go straight back to work.

The Afon Lligwy was built in May 2002 for Herman Sr. in the Netherlands and has had a great track record ever since.

From the moment we published her on our website there was a great interest in her, the multi-purpose proven design and quality makes this vessel suitable for various operations.

The new owner was absolutely pleased with her performances during the charter: “she really opted our production already and we are very pleased with her”.

We are sure she will be able to sail many more years to everyone’s satisfaction.

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