20 April 2022

Safety Patrol Boat

Sold vessel

Unique Safety Patrol Boat sold

The vessel Narwal is a one of a kind, the design of the ship is based on a series of rescue cruisers of the 23.10 meter class. The hull is designed in a delta shape and is a welded construction made of aluminium in a mesh frame system.

Due to the low resistance, this design ensures good stability as well as high seaworthiness and good manoeuvrability. The ship is also designed as a self-righting device. The ship is also suitable for use in the very shallow area’s due to the shallow draft and the grounding protection of the propulsion system..

In the North and Baltic Seas, the vessels are used for fishery inspections, light coastguard duties and to support SAR operations. New owner Wärtsilä Voyage Germany GmbH found this vessel on our website end of last year and will be using her to install a Wärtsilä integrated bridge system and to validate some of their new equipment on board an actual vessel.

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