Damen Maintenance Management Solutions

Minimise OPEX while maximising asset uptime 

Damen Maintenance Management Solutions (DMMS) optimizes your maintenance regime by scheduling, and even predicting, your asset’s maintenance needs based on data collected from onboard system sensors. Data-driven maintenance means maintenance jobs are triggered only when needed, saving your operation time and money. 

DMMS is always-on and easy-to-use 

DMMS keeps your crew constantly updated on asset health and provides accurate maintenance instructions that keep systems in optimal operating condition. The simple user interface is tailored to the needs of maintenance crews. It enables easy and direct communication between on-board and shore teams, delivering maintenance insights anywhere at anytime.  

Use Damen’s experience to your advantage

Investing in DMMS brings you a proven maintenance concept that builds on years of experience as a shipbuilder and maintainer. It includes the configuration of your vessel, maintenance intervals, detailed job instruction cards, an index of required parts per job and all related drawings, manuals and certificates.

DMMS streamlines operations 

System health and usage data are used to follow the optimal maintenance regime, preventing irregularities, catastrophic failures and excessive downtime, while only triggering maintenance jobs when system conditions call for it.

DMMS Basic and DMMS Pro

DMMS comes in two versions. DMMS Basic is tailored to the practical users on board and on shore, who require access to the maintenance schedule, instructions, and work order reporting options.  

DMMS Pro offers all the advantages of DMMS Basic, paired with advanced features. It unlocks the full potential of IBM Maximo and serving the needs of advanced users like fleet management and maintenance managers.  

Powered by IBM Maximo

DMMS is powered by IBM Maximo, in combination with Triton by Damen. In addition to efficient maintenance scheduling, pairing DMMS with Triton remote monitoring, automatically logs running hour data, reducing administrative burden and increasing accuracy. Using sensor data to drive the maintenance regime enables condition-based maintenance and allows you to build towards a predictive maintenance strategy for your most critical assets.

Curious about Damen Triton?

Software as a Service

DMMS is delivered to you as a turn-key software as a service. Simply sign in to your account and start working smarter. Don't worry about software updates, hosting and security – Damen takes care of these technicalities so that you are up-to-date at all times.

How can DMMS reduce OPEX for your fleet?

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