Initial Provisioning

The goal of maintaining a vessel while also maximising uptime can seem contradictory, but Damen Services doesn’t see why you cannot keep your vessel well maintained, while also getting the most out of your asset. To ensure fast and consistent maintenance, Damen Services offers Initial Provisioning Packages that are specifically designed to supply you with the parts you need. Having them on hand when your team needs them results in a speedier service that will keep your vessel in mint condition, while preventing downtime due to part order lead times.   

Our Initial Provisioning Packages are based on the operational profile of the vessel, and are compiled in close partnership with OEMs. This makes sure that the parts you receive are the parts you need. Packages consist of consumable parts and some backup spares for unplanned emergencies, and are assembled based on various factors including running hours, required availability, the operational environment, Class requirements and tailored requests.  

If necessary, Damen Services can additionally provide local storage containers to ensure that the condition of the parts can be maintained at the right humidity and temperature until they are required. Damen can also arrange periodic replenishment of spare parts, so part availability aligns with your operations.

Need parts with no lengthy lead times?

Initial Provisioning Packages supply you with the parts you need, so you have them on hand when you need them. To learn more, contact us.