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Keeping your assets up and running requires regular, scheduled maintenance, new parts, and fresh components. With our range of service packages, we bring our experience, technical knowhow, 24/7 emergency support, and global network of Service Hubs and travelling engineers to our customers to keep them running, wherever they may be. Our service packages are designed to help you get the most out of your fleet.

Services Package Features

All features are available in custom packages.

Vessel Operation ManualStart-up/Shutdown Cards
Full Vessel Operation Manual
TrainingFamiliarisation training
Maintenance training
Desktop simulator
Digital Services - TritonData availability
Data insights
Data analysis & advice
Digital Services - MMSDetailed asset database
DMMS Basic
Spare PartsStart up package with spare parts
Annual replenishment of consumable parts
Docking spares & critical parts
Technical AssistanceBi-annual vessel condition assessment
Pre-docking survey & docking assistance
Remote assistance
Recurring annually
One time occurrence

Different operations have different needs. Damen Service Packages come with options to fit your fleet.

Solutions that fit your fleet

Damen service packages range from fully customised solutions to comprehensive maintenance management, and even basic parts and data access. Our services packages work for you to keep you going.

Our Platinum Service Package

  • Getting you going

    The Platinum package offers a stress-free start up that helps you and your crew get the most out of your Damen asset. It includes comprehensive crew training, a Vessel Operation Manual, an on-hand selection of planned and unplanned spare parts, and an annual resupply of consumable parts, as agreed. The Platinum package is designed to ensure that you have everything you need to get underway and maximise your uptime.

  • Keeping you going

    The Platinum package takes the guesswork out of asset maintenance by providing crew training, while Damen Maintenance Management Solutions helps schedule and track vessel upkeep. Additionally, the Platinum package offers a bi-annual vessel condition assessment and a range of technical assistance provided by a Damen Service Engineer.

  • Digital Services

    The Platinum package delivers full access to Damen Maintenance Management Solutions (DMMS) and the award winning Damen Triton. This is a data integration platform that collects and compiles onboard data into one easy-to-use dashboard to provide insights and advice into operations, maintenance scheduling, operational metrics and potential cost savings, all based on data measurements, not only calendar or running hours.

Our Gold Service Package

  • Getting you going

    The Gold package provides everything you need for a fast and efficient start up. Familiarisation and maintenance training prepares your crew to enable them to keep your asset running in top condition, and a selection of on-hand, planned and unplanned spare parts ensures maximum uptime.

  • Keeping you going

    To ensure maximum uptime, our Gold package supplies an on-hand selection of parts to cover start up and unplanned maintenance. In addition, you will receive an annual replenishment of consumable parts, as agreed. To keep your asset in peak condition, a Damen Service Engineer will also perform a bi-annual vessel condition assessment to identify areas that need attention.

  • Digital Services

    The Gold package gives you basic access to your onboard data through our award-winning digital integrator Triton and Damen Maintenance Management Solutions (DMMS). These platforms offer you an easy-to-use way of visualising onboard data and the ability to gain insights and schedule maintenance based on data, not just running hours.

Our Silver Service Package

  • Getting you going

    For those that are already familiar with Damen vessels, the Silver package supports your new asset by providing a selection of planned and unplanned spare parts to support your maintenance schedule and maximise uptime.

  • Keeping you going

    In addition to spare parts provisions, onboard data can be downloaded and used by your crew.

  • Digital Services

    Working in tandem, Damen Maintenance Management Solutions and Triton give you access to a detailed asset database and the ability to download data generated by your onboard systems for interpretation and use in planning maintenance and visualising operations.

Our Custom Service Packages

  • Tailored to give you exactly what you need

    Our Custom Service package puts you in the captain’s chair, allowing you to choose the level of support you need to maximise the operational efficiency, maintenance management, and uptime of your fleet. Customising your service package also helps you optimise your operations or service to your clients.

  • Digital Services

    Our Custom Service package lets you choose the level of digital support you would like to have. Do you need a Triton function that is specific to your operation? Work with our digital team to develop an app that does exactly what you need it to do. From basic data access, to full insights and integration, we can help you get the most from your data.

Leave the service to us

Service packages ensure that your assets are being kept in peak condition by experienced Damen Services engineers.