Maintenance and support tasks for the aquaculture sector

UV 4312 Volt Processor

Optimising fish welfare

Key features of the standard design, some of which also optimise it for fish welfare, include a low freeboard, easy access to the waterline on both sides, a large hold and removable railings for hose-handling operations.

Efficient, flexible power supply

The standard UV 4312 comes with a diesel-electric configuration that provides an efficient, flexible power supply for the 750kW propulsion installation and deck equipment when moored within farms. During the build of VOLT Processor protection was added for the propellers, alongside a large oxygen generating plant.

Modular deck configuration

The UV’s modular deck configuration makes it quick and cost-effective to remove and replace equipment on deck. As well as fish farming support, it can be outfitted for light IRM work, buoy-laying or for diving and ROV support. However, Damen sees the greatest potential in the fast-growing aquaculture industry.


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