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A global leader in the tug vessel market

 Damen Shipyards has become a household name in the global tug boat market. Today, our tugs are operating in ports and terminals around the world.

We can offer optimal solutions for any kind of towing operation. From our renowned ASD, RSD and Stan Tugs, to Carrousel Rave Tugs and Rotor Tugs, Damen has a tug vessel for you.

Discover our tug boat families

Many factors influence your tug choice such as berth conditions, assisting speeds/methods, types of ships and environmental conditions. Take a look at our diverse tug vessel portfolio.

Tug vessels for the next generation

Our tug boats are built on a solid foundation; generations of shipbuilding heritage. We’re not looking backwards though. Our tugs combine proven technology with innovation to deliver safety, sustainability, efficiency and reliability.

Building tugs at a yard of your choice

Damen can assist customers in building our tug boats locally. This flexible option results in a valuable transfer of technology and enables owners to enjoy Damen quality tug vessels, combined with the convenience of local production. Damen can deliver tug boat building packages ranging from simple licensing to full turnkey solutions.
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Unique cooperation

Damen is a customer focused and open-minded shipyard in that we can build other tug vessel designs, not just those from our own portfolio. We have a unique cooperation with Robert Allan and RotorTug and have teamed up with Novatug and Multraship to build the Carrousel Rave Tugs. Always a customised tug boat design with Damen quality!

Connecting your world with our passion for vessels

Navigate the world’s oceans

Damen’s tugs are committed to a sustainable future. Our vessels and equipment lead the way in terms of efficiency, emissions reduction and the energy transition.

Your maritime solutions partner

We aim not only to deliver you a high-quality tug, but to provide total lifecycle support. This includes financing and services. All the way to re-sale or recycling.

Join our family

The Damen family has been building workboats for almost a century. Your new boat combines our proven heritage with cutting-edge innovation.