Damex Shipbuilding & Engineering Cuba

The historical city of Santiago is vibrant Cuba's second city after Havana. Over 25 years ago, it also became home to a unique shipyard: Damex.

Since then Damex has completed over 65 new-build vessels and many more repair projects for clients in Cuba and the wider region. Damex was designed from the ground up to handle custom and standardized new builds up to 80 meters. Moreover, the yard is capable of handling repair projects up to 100 meters in length. Through the combined strengths of Dutch shipbuilding knowledge and Cuban craftsmanship Damex has delivered a wide range of vessels from ferries to patrol boats and from tugs to bunker tankers for both national and international customers. As a part of the Damen shipyards group Damex is able to provide high level trained personnel, spare parts, and ship repair and maintenance services to clients in the Caribbean & Central America.

Damex is an important contributor to the Cuban maritime industry and has proven itself time and again as a trustworthy partner for clients in the region who demand locally built vessels according to European quality standards.

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  • Km 7½ Carretera de Punta Gorda, 88101 Santiago de Cuba, Cuba