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Keeping your assets operational, available and relevant throughout the lifecycle against predictable Life Cycle Costs is our goal. We achieve this by delivering a comprehensive package of digital and smart solutions.

Damen Naval’s service portfolio contains both local one-stop-shop support and transfer of technology programmes that enable our customers to create their strategic autonomy. We use the latest technologies to support our customers in the modernisation of their assets. With innovative software solutions such as a computerised maintenance management systems, interactive electronic publications, and the use of extended reality simulated environments, we digitalise asset management.

Key features
  • Improved fleet readiness

  • Controlled lifecycle costing

  • Operational relevance of your assets

  • Strategic autonomy

  • Digital support environment

  • Local technical support

  • Global spares availability

Contact details
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Contact details
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  • De Willem Ruysstraat 99, PO Box 555, 4380 AN Vlissingen, The Netherlands