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Partner based logistics

Damen Naval has the focus to support your missions. Our approach is to draft, together with the end user, the support system performance indicators during the design and construction of the vessels. The actual execution of our support services which can be executed on your vessels are distinguished in five different categories.

Modification Support

The operational arena is constantly changing. For example, changing threats, changing regulations, discontinuity of support, and scarcity of resources create new operational requirements which could necessitate a modification to the vessel. Our services range from small modifications within the docking cycles to full midlife updates and go hand in hand with engineering services.

Engineering Support

Keeping control over the technical data is paramount for the usage and maintenance of a ship. Changes are inevitable, so adequate updating of the technical data is a necessity. In its service agreements, Damen Naval ensures that the engineering data is kept up to date.

Supply Support

Having the right parts at the right time is key in keeping your vessel operational. With our Supply Support services Damen Naval offers its customers a security of supply of spare parts and consumables.

Maintenance Support

Damen Naval can provide additional technical expertise to supplement your workforce or where required completely outsource maintenance activities. Our services are designed to cooperate as much as possible with local companies as well as local customer maintenance organisations to reduce traveling to help save the environment and provide strategic autonomy.

Training Support

As a result of the increasing speed of modern warfare a well-trained crew is of vital importance. Damen offers a full range of services to enhance the knowledge and skills of your personnel, fully customised to meet your needs. Damen Naval supports traditional training methods, as well as blended learning training concepts.

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