Damen Engineering Gdansk

One of the newest members of the ‘Damen Family’ is Damen Engineering Gdansk. The Poland-based company is responsible for providing the basic design for Damen vessels to be built all over the world.

Developing designs

The growing team consists of not only naval architects and mechanical engineers but also electrical engineers. Their designs cover several Damen product groups while focusing on the larger offshore vessels. The team develops both existing Damen ship types as well as creating new designs. The work is carried out within Product Group related teams – supported by deck outfitting, stability, electrical specialists.

Damen Engineering Gdansk is responsible for transforming the initial design into a complete and practicable engineering package. The experienced engineering department is also involved during the production phase of each ship and provides support as necessary.

Contact Data

Visiting Address:

  • Al. Grunwaldzka 415, Business district Alchemia, Argon building, 11th floor
  • 80-309 Gdańsk
  • Poland
  • View in Google Maps

  • Phone: +31 183 655 501
  • Phone: +48 603 220 241
  • (Current local time 7:47 PM)
  • info-degd@damen.com

Postal Address:

  • Grunwaldzka 415
  • 80-309 Gdańsk
  • Poland


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