Damen is a truly international company. As well as building vessels at its own yards all over the world, Damen is able to support clients with vessel construction at a location of their choice via Damen Technical Cooperation (DTC).

Building Damen vessels at a yard of your choice

DTC was established in 1977 to enable local yards to build Damen designs. There are several reasons for selecting DTC. Sometimes this relates to working in a remote location, often inland. Other times it can be down to political requirements, such as a need to guarantee local content. In either case, DTC is an excellent way to stimulate a local economy and boost employment opportunities and skills development.

DTC Customers can choose exactly what they need, whether it is only the vessel design under a Damen licence, a full material package or a combination of the design, materials, shipbuilding assistance, advice and training. Furthermore, DTC can renovate or construct the yard facilities for the newbuild vessel. This highly flexible option results in a valuable transfer of technology and enables owners to enjoy Damen quality, combined with the convenience of local production. Advantages of having DTC as your shipbuilding partner include:

  • Proven designs from an extensive product range
  • Design flexibility to meet specific demands
  • Approach completely geared towards client preferences
  • Logistics of components adapted to building yard needs
  • Building assistance at all levels of the shipyard’s organisation, from welding up to higher management
  • Yard development to facilitate shipbuilding projects with DTC
  • Attractive financing options
  • DTC makes it possible to be a Damen customer, wherever you are in the world.


    Through the license agreement the complete Damen portfolio is disclosed and clients can draw on reliable, proven designs that have evolved with feedback resulting from both construction and operation. If a design is not available off the shelf, a custom design can be made. Damen has large engineering capacity worldwide and is able to assist clients from conceptual design up to and including production information in line with their needs.

    Material packages

    For a Damen design, DTC can provide a complete material package ready for construction, but can also adjust the material package to the specific desires of the client. With Damen’s global network of suppliers, service centres and logistics expertise this can be key to the success of the project.

    Building assistance

    DTC can provide a broad scope of building assistance, ranging from construction up to management level if required. A dedicated site manager can oversee the building process and training for the local workforce can take place at a Damen yard or on-site as part of the project scope if the customer wishes.

    Local construction

    Of course, DTC can also build a complete vessel at a location of your choice, taking care of the entire project from start to delivery and after-sales service. In this case, it is necessary to gather information on the facilities at the construction site to make an inventory of all equipment and personnel that is needed for a successful project. DTC has a yard questionnaire available for this purpose. If desired, DTC can even help finding a suitable building location for your project.

    Meet some of our clients

    Wilson Sons Ultratug Offshore, a joint venture between Wilson Sons and Chilean maritime service provider Ultramar, signed a contract with DTC for two Damen PSV 5000 vessels. The contract required that DTC provide the full engineering package for the vessels as well as key materials, including integration of local content items.

    The 85-metre, DP2 vessel designs were tailored to meet Petrobas’ requirements, including installation of a travelling gantry crane for offshore operations and the capacity for future upgrades.

    The vessels were built in Guarujá, Brazil at Wilson Sons Guarujá II (SP) – the client’s second yard in the region – with local materials and Damen support. Damen and Wilson Sons have a long-standing relationship spanning over 20 years.

    Wilson Sons



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