20 Oct 2023

Edison Chouest Offshore delivers two locally built Damen-designed ASD tugs with offshore capabilities

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Earlier this year, US-based Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO) handed over two tugs to its Guyanese affiliated operating company, G-Boats. The vessels were based on a Damen ASD tug design and built in line with American Burean of Shipping class rules.

Local construction

The two tugs were built at ECO’s Gulf Ship location in Mississippi under the Damen Technical Cooperation (DTC). With DTC, Damen enables the construction of its vessels anywhere in the world.

The shipbuilder views the transfer of knowledge, skills, and technology as a means to meet its goals and works towards its values. By enabling the construction of its proven vessels at third party partner years, Damen is contributing to the development of a safer, more sustainable maritime industry all over the world.

Anywhere in the world

With DTC, Damen vessels can be built at a location chosen by Damen’s partners – including inland. It allows enables maritime operators all over the globe to construct the vessels that meet their needs, while also meeting political and/or local content requirements.

This is just one of the ways that Damen works towards its philosophy of ‘think local, act global.’ Frequently, DTC projects lead to direct employment opportunities as local-based yards recruit personnel to undertake the work. These personnel then receive training from Damen in the construction of its designs.

Additionally, local suppliers are brought in to provide equipment and carry out tasks on the vessels, creating further employment and supporting the development of a sustainable maritime industry in the region.

With DTC, Damen provides (basic and detail) vessel designs, materials packages and on-site support, combined in such a way as to suit the specific requirements of the partner yard.

Offshore capabilities

The two Damen-design tugs built by ECO, named – named A’rinra and Madam Kalina, for the electric eel and in honour of the Carib tribe, one of the indigenous peoples of Guyana, respectively  – are 50.1 x 16.19 metres. With their offshore capabilities, the vessels operate up to 160 kilometres off the coast in support of ExxonMobil’s operations at the Payara field.

Here, they primarily provide ship handling and mooring assistance for shuttle tankers transporting oil from the field’s FPSOs. They also conduct hose handling and maintenance duties.

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