22 Jun 2023

Three Damen ASD Tugs 2009 built locally in Pakistan

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In 2019, Damen signed contracts with Karachi Shipyard and Engineering for the construction of three ASD Tugs 2009. The Pakistan yard built the three vessels with Damen’s support under the Damen Technical Cooperation (DTC). The tugs were to be operated by the Pakistan Navy in support of its fleet.

Construction of the first two vessels commenced in October of that year, just months after the inking of the first contract. In October of 2019, a steel cutting ceremony was held at the Karachi yard, which was attended by representatives of the Pakistan Government and Navy.

International transfer of knowledge

With DTC, Damen provides support to partner yards like Karachi Shipyard and Engineering all around the globe. It enables the yards to access Damen’s proven vessel portfolio and the company’s extensive shipbuilding knowledge.

Under the DTC, Damen provides the partner yards with a customised combination of vessel design, materials, and construction support. As a result, Damen vessels can be built anywhere in the world, including in inland locations and in countries with specific political and local content requirements.

A boost for local sustainability

A benefit of the DTC is increased employment opportunities in the country undertaking the project. This happens directly, at the shipyard as a result of the project, and indirectly, at local maritime suppliers that are contracted to support the work. Frequently, the undertaking of DTC projects helps drive the development of a sustainable maritime industry in the country in question.

A further benefit is that DTC increasingly provides Damen with the opportunity to share the knowledge and technology that it has developed on the construction and operation of sustainable vessels. The shipbuilder has been involved in a wide variety of environmentally conscious projects, including the delivery of fully electric tugs and other zero emission vessels.

Getting the most from your vessel

In such projects, Damen’s scope extends beyond the delivery of the vessel to include the electrical infrastructure. Furthermore, it is always Damen’s aim to form a long-term relationship with its partners. As such, the company looks to provide ongoing support following vessel delivery to ensure all parties get the most from their Damen-designed vessel.

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